Oct 082011

Occasional Gamer, a website that publishes stats on games played on smartphones has published a rather odd, according to me, list.

Apart from a number of phones on which games like Impossible  racer, Nom Nom Worm,  Fishing Girl et al are run, we were able to spot a gang of Nokia Phones. See for yourselves

Nokia wp devices samsung monument thumb Nokia Lumia, Sea Ray, XXX and Samsung Monument discovered in gaming statistics

The numbers besides the Phone name represent the number of phones the game was played on.

Now IMHO Nokia Sea Ray, Nokia 800 and Nokia Lumia should be different phones. Because it makes no sense to have 3 different names for one device.  But keeping in mind Nokia’s past to conceal it’s upcoming phones, this could be a new tactic to make the whole leak game more “fuzzy”.

There is also a mysterious device from Nokia that doesn’t have a name yet, or probably it’s name is indeed XXX.

We can also find Samsung Monument in the chart. If this is a new device altogether or just an upgrade or a different carrier phone is yet to be known.

Stay tuned  for more.