Nov 162011

Agreed, we all are dead tired waiting for the Belle update. But a blog post over at Symbianlatino points at more updates.

According to a crude Google translation

The good news is that there will not finish the round of updates for Symbian, as we reported from Mexico where he is celebrating the Day of Nokia Symbian Developers Belle already has 2 confirmed in the higher versions you are working..

image thumb Carla and Donna coming after Belle, dual core Symbian device on the cards

The picture here says that the Belle update would be rolled in 1st quarter of 2012, and will be available for all the S^3 devices.

The Next updated called Carla, will be available for NFC devices having 1GHz processors.

And the final update Donna will be for dual core Symbian devices. You read it correct ladies and gentlemen – Dual core.

We suspect this to be the last flicker of the Symbian flame before it dies out, leaving a huge legacy of unparalleled success and failures…!!!

Aug 232011

Last week we had the Anna rolled out. And now, it seems that Belle is imminent. Hell, tomorrow…!!!

If the rumor mill is to be believed, the facebook teaser page of Nokia earlier had Belle onto it. But now it  is only a teaser.

noknok thumb Tomorrow we get Symbian Belle

So what can it be? Belle or the Nokia 700?

Stay tuned for more…!!!