Jan 242013

Dear Readers,
First of all, please accept my heartfelt apologies for the long delay in announcing this step – it has been a difficult decision for the management, and rest assured that we have not taken it lightly.

However, due to the development of the mobile market (and our constrained resources), we have made the decision to cease updating TamsS60. Instead of that, updates about this platform will, from now on, form part of the generic mobile industry coverage provided on all remaining sites of the Tamoggemon Content Network.

Of course, we will not close the blog down. All of its content remains available right where it is – the only difference is that, from now on, updates will no longer be published here.

We would, however, be honoured to serve at any of the following web sites. From now on, we will once again provide you with updates daily:

With best regards
Tam Hanna/Jatinder Singh/Annette Bosbach
-editorial team

Jul 292012

Long-term followers of this blog probably know that I have an eye on the Apps on TV market for quite some time – even though there have not been any large successes so far, this definitely is a future field of growth. This sentiment was shared by the organizers of the JSDay conference, who invited me for a talk.

For all those of you who could not attend, the video has now been released:

Apps on TV – Tam Hanna from GrUSP on Vimeo.

Not much to add here – are you interested in Apps on TV?

Apr 112012

One of the things which truly make me happy every day are the long-term readers of this blog network – even though we currently go through troubled times, expect a lot of positive changes very soon.

Phil Drummond, one of our long-term readers, has now sent in a question why we no longer break down the top lists provided to us by Krusell – in the past, we had these nice pie charts showing the distribution.

Sadly, this no longer makes sense – blame Apple. The Cupertinians, having but two or three products in the market at any given time, would usually end up with but one slot in the pie.

Visually, this would be totally misleading as the iPhone tends to outsell most if not all “individual” Android devices and would thus need a significantly larger part of the pie to make the chart proportional once again.

With that, I hope to have answered that question – stay tuned!

Jan 182012

Dear Readers,
I am unhappy to inform you that we have had a minor break-in into our systems – an attacker of unknown provinience exploited the software used to host the Tamoggemon Content Network, as to insert content to “spam” the Google search engine with ads for his own products.

As this was a purely Google-targeted attack, no post data was damaged and no user data was stolen. We have been able to remove the hack fully from all sites already.

This disclosure is made only to satisfy our legal obligations. The following sites were affected:

  • TamsS60
  • TamsBlackBerry
  • TamsIJungle

Should you recognize any oddities, please let us know immediately!

With best regards
Tam Hanna / Jatinder Singh

Nov 182011

This one is for all those of you who have long followed my talks on mobile security, or saw me for the first time at the DeepSec in Vienna.

The slides used during the talk have now been uploaded, and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Get the full slides here:

P.S. The video will be made available when we get it!

Oct 272011

This is yet another alert for all true Tam Hanna fans – if you want to see yours truly chuck cubes of chocolate in real time, you have to book a trip to DroidCon Amsterdam right now.
droidcon amsterdam logo Meet yours truly at DroidCon Amsterdam   Google TV, Qt on Android

The reason for this is short and sweet. I will hold the following two talks for your entertainment and enlightenment at this Android event:

Qt for Android and Google TV (extended session)
Website: www.tamoggemon.com
Session language: English

“The platform Qt has recently been ported to Android by a group of individuals, and is currently in the process of being improved. The benefit of Qt is – short and sweet – that it can not only be used on Android, but also runs on Symbian, MeeGo and various desktop OSses. This session will look at Qt from a beginner’s point of view, showing what Qt is and how to use it.

Increasingly thin margins put large pressure on TV manufacturers, who seek to maximize revenue by generating income via app sales – long after the TV set was sold. Google TV is one of the up and coming platforms in this field. Come here to learn about it and its position relative to its competitors.”

Find out more via the URL below:

Jul 312011

Qt provides developers with an amazing productivity boost – both Symbian and Android can be reached with one code base. In addition, applications can be immobilized onto the desktop with ease.

Tam Hanna, founder of Tamoggemon Limited, states:

“While desktop developers tend to get by with minimal native code, creating a mobile application presents unique and interesting challenges not addressed in the standard literature. This book thus is not only a tutorial about Qt, but also about mobile development”.

After a thorough introduction into Qt, the reader is introduced to Nokia’s open-source Symbian platform:
tam e7 Book out   Qt for Symbian and Android

Even though Maemo- and MeeGo-powered devices yet have to appear in numbers, the book already covers how to develop for them. The WeTab tablet gets a honourable mention, too:
tam n900 Book out   Qt for Symbian and Android

Finally, readers are also acquainted with Bogdan Vatra’s port of Qt for Android:
tam android Book out   Qt for Symbian and Android

Cutting a long story short: this book is ideal for all who want to save development time and effort. No perquisite knowledge of Qt is required, which makes the book ideal for C/C++ programmers who want to enter the mobile market.

Effective immediately, the book can be purchased off Amazon for approx. 30 Euros. It is furthermore available in most bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Jul 182011

Dear Readers,
just in case you have wondered why the Tamoggemon Content Network now appears in grey: don’t worry, we have not been hacked!

Instead, meet our new design. It is now free of transparencies and background images, which makes serving (and especially rendering) the pages so much faster!

We hope to have served you well, and remain

With best regards
Tam Hanna / Jatinder Singh

May 222011

 WHYMCA 2011   Qt on Android   slidesThis one is a little help for all those of you who slept through, were eating or were knocked out by a low-flying piece of chocolate during my WhyMCA talk on Qt for Android.

You can download the slides in PowerPoint 2003 format here:

P.S. I hope that a video of the talk will be made available at a later point in time…

May 032011

Dear Readers,
please accept our apologies for rendering errors seen on the web site in the last 24 hours.
500px Error cleaner.svg Apologies for rendering issue

We had a malfunction of WordPress’s image uploading, which broke the rendering of the web sites. The malfunctions have now been repaired, with the sites being back in normal operation as of this writing.

With compliments
Tam Hanna

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Jacob HNRI 6

Apr 202011

Dear Readers,
we have been evaluating the Android platform inside the company since it launched on the T-Mobile G1. Unfortunately, limited company-internal resources on the content network side have not permitted us to pursue the platform fully.

Recent developments, namely the hiring of a professional news editor (who has almost completed his training phase) and the advent of Qt for Android have motivated us to give the platform the attention it deserves.

Tune in to us at TamsAndroid to get one of the first reviews of the HTC Supreme – the URL is right here: