Mar 192012

Nokia Store Beta has been updated to version 3.24.0 for the phones running on s40 touch and type only. The updates include application updates, the ability view your search history and publisher information. The compatible phones are

  • Nokia Asha 300
  • Nokia Asha 303
  • Nokia C2-02
  • Nokia C2-03
  • Nokia C2-06
  • Nokia C3-01
  • Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition
  • Nokia X3-02

You can download the same from HERE.

Similarly, the Store QML client for Symbian devices has been updated to 3.25.0. The new Store QML client

  • improves the user experience for the application update, especially when multiple items are available
  • improves the robustness of the application installation process
  • includes some critical bug fixes found since the previous release (3.22.053)
  • improves the responsiveness of the store UI during the large file downloading

You can download the same from HERE.

Mar 152012

The good folks over at Beta labs have released a new version of the Store QML client for Symbian phones. The client, though beta, now stands updated at version 3.24.050.

The new client

  • improves the user experience for the application update, especially when multiple items are available
  • improves the robustness of the application installation process
  • includes some critical bug fixes found since the previous release (3.22.053)
  • improves the responsiveness of the store UI during the large file downloading

You can download the same from

Beta Labs recommends this update if you have had issues with the previous version of the Store QML client.

Nov 232011

Bet Labs has rolled out a major update regarding Soundtracker for Series 40 phones. The Application now supports Nokia Asha Phones.

According to the blog post, the changelog includes

  • Station by location with Nokia Maps API: Name a city in the world and Soundtracker will play stations from that location
  • Nearby station for Nokia Asha 303, Asha 200, Asha 201, C2-05, X2-05, C2-02, C2-03 and C2-06
  • Delete station functionality
  • Added full support for S40 5th and 3rd edition devices

It is highly recommended to uninstall any previous build of Soundtracker before installing this one. You can get the app from

Do let us know what you feel about the app…!!

Nov 152011

Oi. The good folks over at Beta Labs have yet again released an updated version of the Soundtracker for S^3 and S60v5 devices.

The changelog is as follows

  • Below the name of user in the player view we now have the location of the stations
  • Added the text Up Next in the player under the upcoming artist cover art 
  • Improved time elapsed description for stations (1sec, 1min, 1hr, etc).
  • Fixed redraw bug in edit profile. Text from settings overlapping profile fields.
  • Fixed player in pause status bug

You can download the new Soundtracker from , but you have to sign into Beta Labs first.

Do let us know what you feel about the updated app…!!!

Nov 122011

Holla S40 users…!!! Soundtracker for your phones stands updated at version 1.7. That should be read as a yayyyyyyy due to the following reasons

  • Completely redesigned User Interface
  • Fixed scrolling bug in Stations for 320×240
  • Next song cover for 320×240.
  • Song cover centralized for 240×320.
  • Volume controls on player
  • Mute controls on player
  • Added AdNetwork

The great folks over Beta Labs have once again gone ahead and utilized the community feedback to deliver a better version of the application.

You can go ahead and download the application from , but you need to be signed on into Beta Labs first.

Do let us know how feel about the changes…!!

Nov 082011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Store QML client for Symbian has been updated (again) and now stands at version 3.18.036.

The changelog is as follows

  • The Nokia Store backend has been updated on 03.11.2011 and this release of the client is fully integrated with the backend release
  • Fixed: ‘Debug’ option in the client has been removed. This was meant for the R&D team. Sorry for the confusion
  • Solved: Purchase option for Symbian Belle users
  • Theme Pack (Gift Package) feature is available for Nokia C7 users
    • This feature will offer a collection of premium applications at no costs to the selected users for a period of time, e.g. 30 days
    • In the Store application, the users will see the Theme Pack banner on the home view. Upon clicking on the banner, they will be linked to the Theme Pack collection

you can download the installer file from , but you have to sign in first.

Do let us know what you feel about this release..!!!

Nov 082011

The good folks over at Beta labs have gone ahead and updated the ever cool app Swype.

According to Beta labs, the changelog is

Here’s a summary of the features and major changes in this new version:

  • Complete overhaul to the install / uninstall experience. Install to C:, SD Card, Mass Memory, etc, without a problem. (We still recommend you install to C:)
  • Critical Settings crash has been fixed
  • Official Symbian Belle support
  • Thai and Vietnamese language support
  • Many small bug fixes thanks to our Beta testers

Interestingly, this is the final beta to be offered. The next release will be a graduate release from the Beta Labs.

To download and install this app, please visit

Oct 282011

If you are an owner of an N8 like me and have recently updated to Symbian Anna 25.007 released a few days back, and if you are using Nokia Camera App for the N8, 99% chances are that your camera would stop to work after the update.

I found this out when my camera started giving me System Error messages. I reinstalled the firmware and was about to give the three finger salute to the N8, ready to face the agony of installing so much from scratch. But thankfully I recalled installing the Nokia Camera App for the N8.

After sifting Nokia Beta Labs, I found out that reinstalling the application does the trick.

So before you try to reset your phone the “hard way”, do visit Beta Labs and reinstall the Nokia Camera App for the N8.

Hope it saves your day…!! Winking smile

Oct 082011

The good folks over at Beta Labs have released a new Store QML client.

Version 3.16.036 includes fixes or solutions to several reported issues including the following:

  • Fixed: Installation issue
  • Fixed: Encountering Retry page and cannot get out even with good connection
  • Fixed: Application update notification is not seen
  • Solved: Stuck in the waiting for connection situation -> now you can break away

The changes are welcome but there are some bugs still left, like themes are installed on phone memory etc. Let us see how soon do these bugs get fixed.

Stay tuned for more..!!

Sep 072011

The good folks over at beta labs have released an update for the uber cool Nokia Sleeping Screen.

This update packs the following changes:

  • Nokia Sleeping Screen can now be installed on any drive. We recommend "Mass memory" so that it does not occupy valuable C: drive space.
  • User-created images are now compressed when saved to the installation drive. This too saves on disk space.
  • Added error texts in Settings UI if Qt Quick Components are missing or out-of-date.
  • Bug fixes in 2nd clock-only theme (the so-called "Tron clock" with blue animated rays)

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Beta Labs HERE and download the beautiful application. As per Standard policy of Beta Labs, you need to sign in to Beta Labs to download this app.

Nothing much to add here…!!!

Sep 052011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the universally acclaimed Nokia Maps have now stand updated at v3.08 bringing a box full of welcome changes. The most noticeable change is the addition of weather app. The weather app can predict weather for up to 5 days.

The changelog is as follows:

What’s different in this version of Maps v3.08?

  • Cool Weather app – get local conditions by the hour and forecasts for the week
  • Live traffic routing info included into Drive start screen
  • Metric/imperial toggle from Drive UI removed
  • Search result details are easier to read
  • Cleaner UX framework
  • New SmartInstaller installation UI

What’s different from v3.07?

Drive Enhancements:
  • Live traffic routing takes traffic information into account to avoid traffic jams automatically (available in Germany, France, US, UK and Russia).
  • Turn on "Avoid traffic" in your "Route settings" to take traffic conditions into account while you drive. Always get the best route for right now.
  • New Drive look & feel – home screen now has buttons for "Set destination," "Drive home" and "Just drive."
  • "Just drive" or Drive assistance shows your accurate speed, gives speed warnings, the distance driven and real time traffic.
  • New information bar on Drive navigation and Drive assistance screens.
  • Also easily toggle between Estimated Time of Arrival in minutes or distance to your destination – just tap the icon on the screen.
  • New option menus in Drive.
  • Set a contact as a destination.
  • Easily change your settings during Drive navigation. Changes in settings are immediate and can been seen instantly.
Additional improvements
  • Long tap is now available to give quick access to "Drive to," "Walk to," "Share" and various lists.
  • Settings reorganized to "General" "Maps & Walk" and "Drive."

The good folks over at Beta Labs surely know their stuff. I am off to download the maps now. You can download it from or via the Ovi suite.

Nokia maps update 3.08 thumb Update Time   Nokia Maps updated to v3.08, now comes with Weather

Aug 222011

So those of you lucky souls who are proud owners of the Nokia N8 (including me), are invited to bets test an app that can be termed as the single biggest step Nokia will ever take towards imaging.

the host for this invitation is none other than the genius behind the camera of  the N8, Damian Dinning. He says:

Over the months following the release of the Nokia N8, we’ve continued to listen and monitor discussions and requests relating to the imaging capability of the N8. Given the continued high level of interest in this area and requests for information, I thought I would take a little time out to explain what we’ve changed, improved and added. It’s turned out to be quite a lengthy list.

First, here’s the requests we heard the most from Nokia N8 owners:

  • Ability to record video at closer distances
  • Smoother video of moving subjects or when panning
  • Faster access to scene modes, especially close-up mode
  • Exposure control in video
  • Viewfinder grid not effected by scene modes, camera exit/reopening
  • Smoother zoom
  • Settings accessed through one control point
  • Red-eye reduction performance improvements

We’ve been able to respond to all of these with two new updates.

The first one comes with the Symbian Anna. As we have all seen, there has been a lot of improvement in the UI of the camera which makes photography fun.

Anna still camera viewfinder 540x303 thumb Nokia N8 camera mega update, beta testers wanted

Anna still camera settings 540x303 thumb Nokia N8 camera mega update, beta testers wanted

Beta Labs Update Still Capture Settings 540x303 thumb Nokia N8 camera mega update, beta testers wanted

The second update comes out in the form of a dedicated app which is firmware independent and is available through the Beta labs only.

Camera update for Nokia N8

This application is an upgrade to the built-in camera application, for your Nokia N8.  It will look familiar to you, no doubt. It’s still the great N8 camera, providing superb results. We’ve just made it a little better by making some of the improvements we didn’t manage to squeeze into the Symbian Anna release.

  • We tweaked the UI, to provide camera aficionados faster access to essential camera controls
  • We improved the quality of recorded videos, by cranking up the video recording speed to 30 FPS and adding the heavily requested continuous auto-focus.


This camera update is for the Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna. If you do not yet have Symbian Anna, you can check for it at or from your device Tools -> SW update.

We will not be releasing similar beta for other products due to the differences in camera hardware.

The App can be downloaded and installed from the following link :

Do let us know what you feel about the app…!!!

May 272011

So the good folks over at Beta Labs have done it again. A new version of Nokia Bubbles is available for download (=yayyyyy).

sc046 Update time   Nokia bubbles is back, and updated

 Update time   Nokia bubbles is back, and updated

The changelog includes the following goodies:

  • Smart installer support with official Qt version.
  • Settings dialog to activate/deactivate bubbles.
  • Bubble view can be deactivated with menu/power key press to return screensaver immediately.
  • Reduced timeout to bring secondary drop points visible.

So head over to the download Nokia Bubbles to bubblify your S^3 device…!!

Apr 162011

The good folks over at Beta Labs have released an updated version of the Ovi Maps, pushing it to version 3.07, though in Beta. There are some pretty good changes that are included in this build:

  • Open Maps, Drive, Check in and Guides with a just tap on your home screen.
  • Search now includes a tab for favourites. Predictive search also works offline.
  • Place pages have a new design including a new image gallery, user reviews, descriptions by business owners, leading guides and local content providers, e.g. TripAdvisor, HRS, Expedia additionally to Lonely Planet, Michelin guides, TimeOut, Qype and WCities.
  • Easily change the map views in Drive navigation by tapping the views icon. You can pan the map to see the next move and explore the map within the route overview.
  • Tap on Guides and immediately see the weather forecast for your location or another city.

maps Update Time: Ovi Maps get updated to 3.07, lands in beta again

Also, Beta labs lists some interesting  additions:

  • Now you get the option to update your maps with Update via Wi-Fi.
  • Map exploration, positioning, search, interaction with places, routing, route recalculation, Walk and Drive navigation can be used offline.
  • See what maps you’ve already downloaded and check back for regular map updates.
  • Find recommended places near you when you’re browsing a Place or Address page.
  • Search and interact with places also when using Maps offline: contact, navigate via Walk or Drive, see on the map, save as a favourite and share. Just pre-load your country maps via Wi-Fi using Update.
  • Check in to places privately or publicly by sharing it on social networks: Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Qype, Friendster, LiveJournal, Hyves, studiVZ, Kaixin001, RenRen. You’re fully in control when sharing your location. Choose a place from the list to check in or add it as a public place if it’s missing. See the places you’ve been to in your check in history.

Seems like a lot of fun. Head over to Nokia Beta labs and give it a try.

The only let down is that the application is only available to S^3 devices and not for S60v5 devices.

Do let us know how you felt using the new Maps. happy Mapping…!!!

Mar 252011

The good folks over at Beta Labs have unleashed their relentless pursuit of perfection. The Nokia Situation app now stands updated at 2.51.

nokiabetalabs1 300x66 Update time: Nokia situations updated to 2.51

The updated version is only available for S^3 devices at the moment (though version for other platforms is also being worked upon).The changelog consists of:

  • Application action allows selection of several applications
  • Added possibility to close launched applications when situation changes
  • Added possibility to close browser when situation changes
  • Time & WLAN conditions now support multiple selections (remove conditions by long tapping the condition)
  • Timed option added as in profiles
  • Small UI changes (long-tap context menus & direct actions on items)
  • “no change” -option added to Bluetooth, theme & powersave actions
  • Network location condition improved
    • Cell ID limit increased to 100
    • Added possibility to remove cells from existing network location condition
  • Bookmark action fix (open bookmark correctly when browser is already started)
  • Removed background service autostart from sis-installation (caused unexpected problems where settings could not be accessed properly without device restart)

NOTE: Calendar condition will be reset in this update, application & bookmark actions may be corrupted

Hmmm….sounds good to us. For those of you who don’t know,

Nokia Situations helps your device tie more into your life. You can manually define situations, like “In a meeting”, “Sleeping”, “Watching TV”, or “Playing with kids” and define how you want the device to act.  With the application running in the background, your device automatically senses the situation you are in and adapts to it according to your preferences.

So why don’t you head over to Beta Labs and try it out?

Do let us know what you think about this app…!!