Jatinder Singh

Oct 082012

At times, it pays to be local. Micromax, the name behind super cheap mobiles and now tablets has emerged as a clear leader for tablets segments in India.

According to CyberMedia Research, Tablet shipment in India grew by 673 percent year-on-year and 59 percent over the preceding quarter to reach 0.55 million units. According to the report, Micromax had a 18.4 percent market share followed by Samsung at 13.3 percent and Apple at 12.3 percent.

The key factors responsible for these figures are an appetite for 7 inch form factor which is favored over 10+ inches and the price factor. While Tablets used to sell for around Rs. 25000 ($1=Rs 55) a year back, their prices have almost reached the Rs 12000-15000 mark, with a horde of vendors offering them for as low as Rs 6000.

We await the launch of the iPad mini and Windows 8 Tablets. Only then would be there some real competition for Micromax. Until  then, we should hail it as the king.

Oct 052012

The computer processor company AMD has announced an app store to bridge the prevalent gap in smooth running of the Android apps on the computer. This store will showcase how the apps will be optimized for its processors. With this, we will be able to download and run popular Android apps on AMD based PC running Windows. The joint efforts of Blue Stack and AMD have enabled the AMS AppZone Player which in turn has led to such possibilities.

amdlogo AMD bridges Android and PC gap

This is expected to be a big leap to bridge the gap and enabling the Android apps to be run on AMD-powered devices. With this collaboration, the software developers will now be able to easily tap AMD’s products and keep the great expectations of the users satisfied. Manju Hegde, corporate VP of heterogeneous applications and developer solutions at AMD confirmed the news.

Further, users will be able to download featured apps directly from the AppZone Player or search for the AppZone store. This collaboration is a success already and they are now planning and working with leading OEMs to preload the player on the upcoming AMD-powered devices.

We are waiting fingers crossed for more surprises. Thanks to AMD for the good news!

Aug 282012

The wait is somewhat over. Though more or less dead, Nokia is still trying to keep up on it’s promises. No, it doesn’t plan to deliver Carla and Donna, but it definitely shows that it cares and more importantly—admits that the Belle is still buggy.

My N8 faces everyday hangs despite doing hard reset couple of times and reflashing the firmware, but I am just fine with it. It is a marvelous piece of  hardware and I don’t need to carry a point and shoot camera everyday.

Coming back to the point, Nokia has started to roll out the much awaited Belle refresh update for the older Symbian lot – Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia Oro.

According to a post at Nokia Discussions

great news! We just started to roll out our next update for Symbian called Nokia Belle Refresh for Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia Oro with version number 111.040.1511 (Nokia E6, version number 111.140.0058, will follow still this week, Nokia 500 updates will start to be launched within the next few weeks).

This update again brings new features to Symbian smartphones, for example:

-          a new browser with HTML5 web apps support, a new set of homescreen widgets, and the previously released Microsoft Office Mobile App and Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 in one package.

-          Nokia N8 will have some extra apps for imaging

The update will be rolled out in phases, starting with the vanilla versions (i.e.. basic software variants without any specific operator or country configuration). Country and operator variants will follow within the next weeks, depending on local and operator approvals.

PS: Just like after updating from Nokia Anna to Nokia Belle, some apps may not work due to compatibility issues. If you need more information on available apps, please contact your local Nokia Care support. Furthermore, you can also contact the respective App developer to enquire about the compatibility.

The change log as mentioned at AAS is as follows:

  • Web browser is now v8.3.1.4 (was in Belle) and has better HTML5 support
  • More clock widgets (digital clock lookalike)
  • Notes widget, for quick access to notes and to create a new one.
  • Facelift (of playback controls) and functionality for Music player (split of Albums and Artists at last, implemented with tabbed interface, plus warnings of hearing loss when listening with headphones at high volume) – v17.1.14 (was 17.0.16 in Belle)
  • Maps Suite 3.9 built-in (for the full firmware image via Nokia Suite)
  • Qt 4.8.0 now built-in 
  • (for N8 only) Big Screen now built-in
  • (for N8 only) DLNA play now built-in
  • (for N8 only and only via Nokia Suite full flash) ColorizIt utility built-in
  • Numerous assorted fixes and optimizations, including Flash video support – high bitrate videos and content are now handled fine, without crashes

The update is still in the roll out phase and many countries would not be able to see it. But the patience would certainly be worth it.

Also, please note that Device update is a very critical procedure and all care should be taken in updating your device. It is advised to make a backup in case anything goes wrong. If you are unsure of what you are doing, it is always advisable to seek some professional help.

Aug 272012

The Indian mobile app development market is expected to grow past the $227 million mark in 2012, growing at a 22.6% from last year, as analyzed by Gartner.

Growing at a steady pace, the mobile app development market is expected to surpass the PC software market by a whopping ratio of 4:1 by 2012. According to Asheesh Raina, principal research analyst at Gartner:

Application modernization and increasing agility will continue to be a solid driver for app development spending, apart from other emerging dynamics of cloud, mobility and social computing.


These emerging trends are directing app development demand towards newer architectures, programming languages, business model and user skills.

The report also predicts that 90 percent of large, mainstream enterprises and government agencies will use some aspect of cloud computing by 2015.

Open source software tools will continue to erode revenue for some App development categories in design, testing and Web development.

This is being driven primarily by the success of Eclipse and NetBeans, as well as by overall revitalization of the market by new small software providers looking for technical and market disruptive approaches for offering products. Limited budgets and economic conditions compelling enough to focus on cost reduction, also fuel the use of open-source software in various development projects.


Aug 132012

Nokia has finally decided to let Qt go, for the better of both. We knew it was going to happen sooner than later. Seen as a “non core” business, it was only a formal announcement that was awaited from Nokia.

qt logo Nokia finally gets rid of Qt, sells it to Digia

Digia will acquire the Qt developer tools business from Nokia, and it will take on product development, as well as the commercial and open source licensing and services business supporting Qt.

While Qt was portrayed as missing “genetic link” between OSes, targeted mainly as the savior of developers who could easily target devices powered by both Symbian OS and MeeGo, Nokia could never fully utilize it’s potential.

But for the developer community, this transition may actually prove to save Qt. While Digia plans to quickly enable Qt on Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms, Nokia has certainly missed to see the silver lining on the clouds – making Qt as the sole cross-platform development framework.

Tommi Laitinen, SVP of International Products at Digia was quoted saying:

Now is a good time for everyone to revisit their perception of Qt. Digia’s targeted R&D investments will bring back focus on Qt’s desktop and embedded platform support, while widening the support for mobile operating systems.

Though the price of the deal is still unknown, it is rumored that Digia will pay a fraction of the US$150 million Nokia paid to acquire Trolltech, the creators of Qt. Also, about 125 Nokia staff will transfer to Digia as a result, mainly in Norway and Germany.

Jun 152012

Nokia yesterday presented its new strategy where it would be undergoing some major changes including a massive reduction in workforce. A part of that strategy is to acquire the Scalado AB.

Håkan Persson, chief executive officer of Scalado AB commented

This is a great opportunity for many of our people to show their leadership in imaging and to continue to build its future…

Doing this as part of Nokia, already a leader in mobile imaging, will reinforce the strength of the technologies and competences developed at Scalado. We are very excited about this opportunity, which is a natural next step in our longstanding relationship with Nokia.

While Jo Harlow, EVP, Smart Devices at Nokia, said

Nokia has been working with Scalado for more than ten years and they’ve contributed to many of our leading imaging applications. This transaction would enable us to combine our leadership in camera devices with their expertise in imaging, helping people move beyond taking pictures to capturing moments and emotions and then reliving them in many different ways

Scalado’s solutions are used in millions on devices worldwide. Post this acquisition, the existing licensing agreements will stay in place. However, any future developments are likely to be exclusive to Nokia. It will also give Nokia an upper hand position in smartphone imaging related intellectual property.

Jun 152012

Yesterday Nokia announced it’s new strategy to improve profits and operating model.

The strategy consists of the following key points:

  • -Invest strongly in products and experiences that make Lumia smartphones stand out and available to more consumers;
  • Invest in location-based services as an area of competitive differentiation for Nokia products and extend its location-based platform to new industries;
  • Improve the competitiveness and profitability of its feature phone business.
  • Reductions within certain research and development projects, resulting in the planned closure of its facilities in Ulm, Germany and Burnaby, Canada;
  • Consolidation of certain manufacturing operations, resulting in the planned closure of its manufacturing facility in Salo, Finland. Research and Development efforts in Salo to continue;
  • Focusing of marketing and sales activities, including prioritizing key markets;
  • Streamlining of IT, corporate and support functions; and
  • Reductions related to non-core assets, including possible divestments.

Furthermore, it intends to cut down 10,000 jobs by the and of 2013. Furthermore, Nokia’s leadership team will also see a massive overhaul. Jerri DeVard steps down as chief marketing officer; Mary McDowell steps down as executive vice president of Mobile Phones; and Niklas Savander steps down as executive vice president of Markets. DeVard, McDowell and Savander will all continue in advisory roles through the transition of their roles; however, they step down from the Nokia Leadership Team effective June 30, 2012.

Nokia has also acquired Scalado, an imaging expert (covered in another blog post).

Not only would these changes bring Nokia to profitability, but they would also cost Microsoft less amount of $$$ if it goes ahead and purchases Nokia.

Full press release is as under:

Company announces targeted investments in key growth areas, operational changes and significantly increased cost reduction target

Company lowers Devices & Services outlook for the second quarter 2012

Nokia Corporation
Stock exchange release
June 14, 2012 at 9.30 (CET+1)

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today outlined a range of planned actions aimed at sharpening its strategy, improving its operating model and returning the company to profitable growth. While planning to significantly reduce its operating expenses, Nokia remains focused on the unique experiences offered by its smartphones and feature phones, including an increased emphasis on location-based services.

Nokia’s strategy is about delivering great mobile products that sense the world. Nokia plans to:

- Invest strongly in products and experiences that make Lumia smartphones stand out and available to more consumers;
- Invest in location-based services as an area of competitive differentiation for Nokia products and extend its location-based platform to new industries; and
- Improve the competitiveness and profitability of its feature phone business.

To execute this strategy, Nokia is making changes to its management team by tapping into the strong leadership bench at the company.

To support this period of transition, Nokia intends to improve its operating model by significantly reducing its Device & Services operating expenses, substantially reducing its headcount and reducing its factory footprint. As a result, Nokia intends to return to sustainable non-IFRS operating profitability in Devices & Services as soon as possible.

"We are increasing our focus on the products and services that our consumers value most while continuing to invest in the innovation that has always defined Nokia," said Stephen Elop, Nokia president and CEO. "We intend to pursue an even more focused effort on Lumia, continued innovation around our feature phones, while placing increased emphasis on our location-based services. However, we must re-shape our operating model and ensure that we create a structure that can support our competitive ambitions."

Targeted investments
In Smart Devices, Nokia plans to extend its strategy by broadening the price range of Lumia and continuing to differentiate with the Windows Phone platform, new materials, new technologies and location-based services. In line with this strategy, Nokia today announced the planned acquisition of assets from Sweden-based Scalado, which currently has imaging technology on more than 1 billion devices. This acquisition is aimed at strengthening Nokia’s imaging assets.

Nokia’s location-based platform is expected to be another principal area of investment as Nokia plans to differentiate its portfolio of Lumia smartphones with leading location-based services including navigation and visual search applications such as the recently announced Nokia City Lens. Additionally, the company plans to extend its mapping technology to multiple industries to strengthen the platform and generate new revenue.

In Mobile Phones, Nokia intends to improve its competitiveness and profitability. Nokia aims to further develop its Series 40 and Series 30 devices, and invest in key feature phone technologies like the Nokia Browser, aiming to be the world’s most data efficient mobile browser. Early results of this innovation can be found in Nokia’s latest Asha feature phones which offer a full-touch screen experience at lower prices.

Operational changes and updated cost reduction target
Balancing its investment priorities, Nokia plans to rescale the company by making additional reductions in Devices & Services. Nokia plans to pursue a range of planned measures including:

- Reductions within certain research and development projects, resulting in the planned closure of its facilities in Ulm, Germany and Burnaby, Canada;
- Consolidation of certain manufacturing operations, resulting in the planned closure of its manufacturing facility in Salo, Finland. Research and Development efforts in Salo to continue;
- Focusing of marketing and sales activities, including prioritizing key markets;
- Streamlining of IT, corporate and support functions; and
- Reductions related to non-core assets, including possible divestments.

As a result of the planned changes announced today, Nokia plans to reduce up to 10,000 positions globally by the end of 2013. Nokia is beginning the process of engaging with employee representatives in accordance with country-specific legal requirements.

"These planned reductions are a difficult consequence of the intended actions we believe we must take to ensure Nokia’s long-term competitive strength," added Elop. "We do not make plans that may impact our employees lightly, and as a company we will work tirelessly to ensure that those at risk are offered the support, options and advice necessary to find new opportunities."

Taking into account these planned measures the company now targets to reduce its Devices & Services non-IFRS operating expenses to an annualized run rate of approximately EUR 3.0 billion by the end of 2013. This is an update to Nokia’s target to reduce Devices & Services non-IFRS operating expenses by more than EUR 1.0 billion for the full year 2013, compared to the full year 2010 Devices & Services non-IFRS operating expenses of EUR 5.35 billion. This means that in addition to the already achieved annualized run rate saving of approximately EUR 700 million at the end of first quarter 2012, the company targets to implement approximately EUR 1.6 billion of additional cost reductions by the end of 2013.

As part of these planned changes, Nokia will closely assess the future of certain non-core assets. In line with this, Nokia today announced plans to divest Vertu, its luxury mobile phones business to EQT VI, a European private equity firm. 

Renewed leadership team
Nokia also announced today in a separate press release a number of changes to its senior leadership. Nokia announced that it has appointed Juha Putkiranta as executive vice president of Operations; Timo Toikkanen as executive vice president of Mobile Phones; Chris Weber as executive vice president of Sales and Marketing; Tuula Rytila as senior vice president of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer; and Susan Sheehan as senior vice president of Communications. Putkiranta, Toikkanen and Weber will join the Nokia Leadership Team effective July 1, 2012.

Jerri DeVard steps down as chief marketing officer; Mary McDowell steps down as executive vice president of Mobile Phones; and Niklas Savander steps down as executive vice president of Markets. DeVard, McDowell and Savander will all continue in advisory roles through the transition of their roles; however, they step down from the Nokia Leadership Team effective June 30, 2012.

Financial impact and outlook for Devices & Services
Nokia expects further charges of approximately EUR 1.0 billion relating to restructuring activities in Devices & Services by the end of 2013 in connection with its updated Devices & Services operating expense target. This is in addition to cumulative charges of approximately EUR 900 million recognized as of the end of first quarter 2012 in connection with previously announced restructuring activities. By the end of the first quarter 2012, Nokia had cumulative restructuring related cash outflows of approximately EUR 450 million. From the second quarter 2012 onwards, Nokia expects restructuring related cash outflows to be approximately EUR 650 million in 2012 and approximately EUR 600 million in 2013. Out of the total expected charges relating to restructuring activities of EUR 1.9 billion, Nokia expects non-cash charges to be approximately EUR 200 million.

These cost reduction measures are designed to return Nokia’s Devices & Services business to sustainable non-IFRS operating profitability as soon as possible.

During the second quarter 2012, competitive industry dynamics are negatively affecting the Smart Devices business unit to a somewhat greater extent than previously expected. Furthermore, while visibility remains limited, Nokia expects competitive industry dynamics to continue to negatively impact Devices & Services in the third quarter 2012. Nokia now expects its non-IFRS Devices & Services operating margin in the second quarter 2012 to be below the first quarter 2012 level of negative 3.0%. This compares to the previous outlook of similar to or below the first quarter level of negative 3.0%.

"Nokia is significantly increasing its cost reduction target for Devices & Services in support of the streamlined strategy announced today," said Timo Ihamuotila, executive vice president and CFO. "With these planned actions, we believe our Devices & Services business has a clear path to profitability. Nokia intends to maintain its strong financial position while proceeding aggressively with actions aimed at creating shareholder value."

Nokia will be hosting a conference call today at 13:00 UK time (8:00 EST). The dial-in number for media (listen only – the question and answer session will be limited to financial analysts and investors only) is +1 706 634 5012. Conference ID: 90228970.

The dial-in number for financial analysts and investors is US: +1 888 636 1561. Conference ID: 90228970. UK: +44 1452 560 299. Conference ID: 90489609.

A replay of the call will be available soon after the call completion. The replay number is US: +1 800 585 8367.  Conference ID: 90228970 . UK: +44 1452 550 000. Conference ID: 90489609.

Nokia will provide full second quarter results and more details when it reports its second quarter 2012 results on July 19, 2012.

Jun 152012

The Mobile Asia Expo is scheduled to be held in Shanghai this year from 20-22 June at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China.

Mobile Asia Expo comprises of several components:

  • A world-class Expo, showcasing cutting-edge technology, products, devices and apps to mobile professionals and mobile-passionate consumers
  • A thought-leadership Conference for senior mobile professionals, featuring visionary keynotes, panel discussions and world-class networking
  • App Planet, where app developers can learn and expand their knowledge of the popular mobile app marketplace
  • A unique Deal Hub platform to connect qualified buyers and world class solution providers face-to-face to do business
  • And mPowered Brands, a programme dedicated to accelerating marketers’ knowledge and utilization of mobile as a marketing medium

The expo will have several App developer conferences which will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and encourage audience interaction on a wide range of topics.

Normally, 1-Day Visitor Pass is ¥ 100, but you can receive the pass for free during a limited-time “Early Bird” offer. All you have to do us to visit https://registration.itnintl.com/mae12/regonline/RegLogin.aspx and use the code EVP7F747

Notable App developer conferences include

  • Blackberry Jam sessions: Being held on Wednesday and Thursday, 20-21 June, these sessions will help developers fast-track BlackBerry application development and bring apps to the community of over 77 million BlackBerry users worldwide.
  • CMDC ADC: The CMDC ADC will introduce a host of customisable new products as well as keynote speeches on the latest developments in mobile applications and the mobile industry. Taking place on Wednesday, 20 June from 13:30-17:00, this ADC will include a lucky draw at the end of the session.
  • Nokia Developer Day: Nokia’s Developer Day will feature their latest achievements on Windows Phones and the Nokia developer support and incentive program. A special giveaway will be awarded to an attendee at the end of this conference which will take place on Wednesday, 20 June from 15:00-17:00.

Hurry up…Grab while the offer lasts…!!

Happy developing…!!!

Jun 142012

Nokia has finally launched the 41 megapixel behemoth 808 PureView  in India. The MRP of the Phone is INR 34,499 or €491 / $612, making it one of the most expensive Symbian phone after the ill fated N97 (the same phone that was responsible for Symbian’s death).


Depending upon the retailer, and the level of bargaining you can do, you can get the same from INR 30,500 – INR 32,500. Nokia India is selling the same at INR 33,899, and you can go for interest free EMIs as well. The 3 months EMI will cost you INR 11,300 per month and the 6 month EMI would cost INR 5,650 per month (shop at http://nokia.indiatimes.com/nokia/smart-phones/nokia-808-black-/10004/p_B10671).

Nokia 808 PureView has a 41 Megapixel camera, 4.0-inch, 640 x 360 resolution AMOLED display, 16GB internal memory with microSD card slot, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, USB On-the-Go, NFC, HDMI-out, DLNA, Nokia Maps software and Nokia Belle operating system.

Jun 122012

We believe it and so does the Windows Phone Gear store.

Microsoft has launched the brand new concept of “Wearing your heart out” for the madly-in-love Windows Phone users. With the launch of the official Windows Phone Gear store on CaféPress, now you can buy online goodies to express your love for the Windows Phone.

Let the world know your love the Microsoft way. From waving off your device and “Smoked by Windows phone” videos earlier to smoking the non- Windows user, by showing off some great Windows Phone gears.

The coffee mug, T-shirts, water bottle, thermos, drinking glass, magnets, stickers, tote bag with the “ I Heart Windows Phone” is all for grabs in the Windows Phone Gear Store.


Despite the limited selection of items, the most popular goodies already are the T-shirts (Available in all sizes for men, women and infants) and Coffee mugs. Microsoft will be adding more items to the list. You can order the gear from : http://www.cafepress.com/windowsphone

Jun 112012

First week of June has passed, and the monthly stats from Krusell are in. Here is the list of the Top 10 selling phones for May 2012:

1. (-) Samsung Galaxy i9300 SIII

2. (1) Apple iPhone 4/4S

3. (2) Sony Xperia S

4. (3) Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

5. (5) Samsung Galaxy Note

6. (-) HTC One S

7. (4) Sony Xperia U

8. (-) Samsung GT-B2710 / Xcover 271

9. (-) HTC One X

10. (6) Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc/Arc S

() = Last month’s position.

We can see that  Samsung Galaxy S3 has ousted the iPhone 4S from its number one position. It has made a direct entry on the numbero uno spot.

According to Ulf Sandberg, CEO at Krusell

Galaxy SIII has a sleek design, some new features but mostly a great 4, 8 HD super Amoled touchscreen and my guess is that it will stay at the top until Apple launches their next iPhone.

The list is based on the number of pieces of custom made mobile- and smartphone cases ordered from Krusell during May 2012. Krusell’s list is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones on six continents and in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Jun 082012

Mapping apps are so popular and essential that a smartphone without it does not exist. Mapping has become a necessity in any phone as telephony itself!!

The Nokia Maps can be downloaded for free from the Nokia collection on the Windows Phone Marketplace: exclusively for Nokia Lumia. Nokia has been constantly updating and introducing new features and improvements with regular releases for the Nokia Maps.

Now you can enjoy Nokia’s signature Lumia service: Nokia Maps personalized with your photos, places review and favorite synchronization.

clip image002 thumb A new horizon to the mapping experience  Nokia does it all

Yes, you can pin just anything – from your favorite food joint or coffee shop to the way back home and your pics.

With Nokia Maps you can now add a photo to a place description and leave a relevant review directly from your Nokia Lumia. You will be amazed to see your contributions available to you and everyone else on Nokia Maps and on maps.nokia.com when you need them.

To improve this experience, Nokia Maps can now automatically sync your favorites with maps.nokia.com, across platforms (Lumia, Belle, N9) and the mobile web version m.maps.nokia.com for iOS and Android.

The update will be available and notified soon if you already have the previous version of Nokia Maps on your Nokia Lumia.

Jun 012012

India, other than being the largest democracy in the world, is also the largest Opera mini consumer in the world. This news comes direct from the horse’s mouth – Opera Software ASA. India has surpassed Russia to claim the numero uno position, While Russia and Indonesia rank as second and third.

The reason behind this is

The growth of Opera Mini products in India is part of the Mobile Internet Generation (“M-gen” among friends). By largely bypassing the need for expensive computer equipment and connections, the M-gen access the web right from their mobile phones.

Since a majority of people do not use high end smartphones, there ultimate choice for browser is the Opera Mini, which runs flawlessly on low end devices. The entire gamut of services offered by the Opera Mini fulfills the exact requirement of the customers.

According to Opera

In April 2012, the consumer base of Opera Mini browser saw a slight decrease in unique users, most likely due to seasonal fluctuations in CIS countries. Seasonal dips occur from time to time and a similar dip was observed around the same time in spring 2010. In all, more than 189 million people used the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile in April. The Opera Mini servers (which do not process pages from Opera Mobile) served 108 billion pages and compressed more than 19 petabytes of data for Opera Mini users. The total number of monthly Opera Mini users exclude Opera Mini Next installations.

Opera Mini is so popular here, that even I use it as the browser of choice on my Galaxy Note.

You can download the printable version from here.

May 292012

Meet the new Nokia Lumia 900: White- beautiful- award winning design. Now, did anyone think this sparklingly white amazing phone requires any promotion??

nokialumiaw 900 thumb Get free tooth whitening with Nokia Lumia 900

Well, we know it does not. But, there is an unusual promotion wherein the UK residents have the option of free tooth whitening or a pair of Monster purity headphones on purchase of a Nokia Lumia 900 from Phones4u’s flagship London store.

Sometimes firms go to hilarious ends to promote their products. Open-mouthed smile