Jan 122012

Even though I know that it is a sign of bad taste to kick a looser, Nokia’s recent announcement re the Lumia 900 was too surreal – had I read it three years ago using a fortune teller, I would have wanted my money back.

But, well…after X lines of blah blah describing ‘yet another WP7′, we get this:

- A partnership with EA to bring over 20 of the world’s most popular games to the Windows Phone marketplace, coming first to Nokia Lumia devices.

The comedy of this becomes clearly visible if you think about past hit devices like the N95…tbat device managed to truly stand out from the crowd with advanced hardware and software.

Such devices could also be built with with Windows Mobile…but Windows Phone 7 is not intended as a platform for market defining products.

Right from the start, Microsoft promised its developers ‘a level platform’, one where all devices behave the same. This policy is enforced aggressively towards developers who, for example, are banned from selling typing trainers which would require a specific hardware QWERTY keyboard.

And, in a world of desktop Linux, Microsoft is well advised not to suck up too much to a manufacturer. Keep in mind that convergence is pushed forcibly in the TV space by Samsung, LG and – probably – soon Panasonic, who are now starting to produce smartphones again in order to complete the offering portfolio.

If Microsoft would coddle up to Nokia too much, I could very well envision aggressive reactions from LG or Samsung. So, no exclusivities for you…

P.S. This is NOT an Anti WP7 rant. WP7 is a great operating system…the concept of “unified platform” is great. But this is not what Nokia needs – a Boeing 747 is not a bad aeroplane because it cannot drop nuclear bombs, it just isnt a nuclear bomber…

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