May 032011

This one goes out to all members of Forum Nokia LaunchPad: if you ever are too lazy to perform a betatest of your own, Nokia has your hide covered.

Just look at the recently sent-out email to find out the link to a form, which asks you the questions below:

Name of app:

Your name:

Your contact mail if we have questions:

What country are you in? (this helps if we need to set up a call):

Please mention that you are a Forum Nokia Champion.

2 Sentence description of your app:

Who is your application targeted to (what kinds of users?):

What are the most common things the user will do with your application (what is the primary user journey)?:

Target platform (choose one, such as Series 40, Symbian^3, Maemo5):

What country or countries are you creating this application for?:

What language is your application in?:
Is the app based on a current website or service (or is it already available on another platform)?:
If so, please provide a URL to the existing web site, service, or app.

Are there any specific instructions regarding application installation and usage (for example, are there IMEIs needed)?:

Afterwards, the results must be sent in – and the free beta team awaits you soon.

P.S: Prefer to run the beta yourself? Find more info here:

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