Jun 212010

Our friend at Nokia’s have ventured into the netbook space not out of boredom, but rather out of pure need – they wanted to keep other manufacturers from establishing carrier relations by shipping netbook products.

It is likely that Nokia’s latest exploit is motivated by similar thoughts – DigiTimes reports the following:

Nokia is currently preparing to launch an ARM-based tablet PC aiming for the fourth quarter of 2010, according to a Digitimes Research senior analyst.

Talking with upstream component makers, the analyst pointed out that Nokia has already completed about 100 engineering samples ready for testing. The tablet PC’s panel size will be either 7- or 9-inch

The analyst expects Nokia will likely adopt Meego as the operating system and believes the company will work with its telecom carrier partners for sales

As of this writing, not much more is known – stay tuned for further info as we get it!

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