Oct 302009

Samsung’s booth traditionally was extremely large and showed a huge variety of devices. I always spent at least half an hour there, and always felt that I forgot to picture something.

This year, they followed the tune of the rest of the exhibition – their booth was very beautiful, but had comparatively little to offer:
samsung booth see SEE 2009 – Samsung booth

Two of the three “steles” on the left side were occupied by third-party developers:
samsung booth left SEE 2009 – Samsung booth

On the right side, things look the same. There were but a few i8910 boxen on display:
samsung booth right SEE 2009 – Samsung booth

Even though I don’t want to make any undue conclusions here, my personal impression is that Samsung is on its way out of the Symbian game. Keep in mind that their retreat from the Palm OS space went similarly – let’s see how much longer they will stay in the game.

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