Oct 042009

Claes Fornell International is a famous customer satisfaction measurement company – these boys live off their ability to measure customer satisfaction for companies who are – um – unsure of their user’s satisfaction. In order to demonstrate their ability, they performed a smartphone survey…and came to some interesting results.

First of all, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices seem to have an image problem – the boys classed them together as “Other”. This also manifested itself in terms of overall customer satisfaction, which looks like this:
smartphone customer satisfaction Claes Fornell International on smartphone usage

Their next step involved analyzing the motives behind smartphone purchases:
smartphone purchasing reasons Claes Fornell International on smartphone usage

Finally, a chart was drawn asking customers of smartphones which phone would be their “ideal match”:
ideal smartphone Claes Fornell International on smartphone usage

A PDF containing loads of extra data can currently be obtained at the URL below:

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