Apr 232009

Quantifying N-Gage game success has been somewhat easy: all you had to do was look at the top-selling games each week. However, assessing quality was not as easy…but read on for more!

Top games for Week 15
First of all, here is the official top-5 list. Surprisingly, Worms is at the top:

1. Worms World Party
2. Tetris®
3. Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep
5. World Series of Poker® Pro Challenge

Quality index
PocketGamer.biz aggregated game review scores from a few enthusiast web sites which regularly review N-Gage games, and came to a pretty shocking conclusion:

It’s pretty clear that N-Gage needs some good games, and fast.

As part of the research for the Q1 Index, we’ve identified a mounting frustration on the part of reviewers at the quality of N-Gage games, and specifically on Java games being ported to N-Gage without many extra bells and whistles.

Hit the link above for further info!

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