Mar 042009

Nokia has just released an Alpha of the development for the new version of maemo – it shows the direction in which the platform is said to be headed. The crucial parts of the announcement are below:

The Alpha SDK is suitable for adventurous developers wanting to get first impressions of Maemo 5, either by porting existing applications or creating new ones. The APIs are not frozen and there is no documentation with the exception of auto-generated API references. …

The Alpha SDK includes a simplified UI implementation of the Desktop and the Application Menu, … . Even if the current SDK resembles a single-application environment, the final Maemo 5 release will be a multitasking platform as usual. The user interface components for multitasking will be published at a later stage.

The Maemo 5 Alpha SDK comes with new APIs:

* Location API: methods to build location-aware applications.
* City Information: methods to obtain information about cities, including city name, country name, and country code.
* Time management: an interface for handling time change notifications and collect relevant time and time zone information.
* Vibra service: methods for triggering and controlling vibrations.
* Device orientation: respond to changes in orientation and discover current orientation.

Other APIs available in Maemo 4 have been improved and are now available in this SDK release including: Alarm, Address book Access and Data notifications, Account, Battery and Logging development interfaces.

As the SDK is very likely to change in the near future, I would not start developing as of now. Nevertheless, daring souls can get the program at the URL below:

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