Mar 012009

So far, my XM5800 didn’t get used too much – which might be why I can’t report any eekers as of this writing. However, it looks like I am more or less alone with this positive stance – the list below contains the full rap sheet:

Earpiece issues
The passage below hits us via Eldar Murtasin’s mobile-review – the boys performed an investigation of the XPressMusic 5800 earpiece issue and got confirmation that it actually is a serial error from Nokia:

All the faulty earpieces have been replaced with units produced by a different manufacturer, both those used in production models and those in the warehouses. I shall emphasize that we haven’t changed the model of the 5800 XpressMusic’s earpiece, but rather changed our supplier. It’s easy to prove since the new units look differently, which you can see in the following images.

US roll-out halted for unspecified reasons
Unfortunately, the eeker above is not all. The Nokia Blog reports that the recently-started US roll-out has been halted for unspecified reasons. This has a very simple practical implication: if you want to buy an XPressMusic 5800 NAM – you currently can’t do so.

Nokia has not stated why the roll-out was stopped: while some claim that the device had issues due to the abovementioned problems, others have claimed spotty 3.5G coverage to be the culprit. Either way, it won’t matter too much – after all, Nokia doesn’t sell them anywhere except in its boutique stores…

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