Feb 092009

The folks at DailyMobile.se have finally confirmed what has been an open secret for some time – the Samsung i8910 (known as ACME) will run S60 touch – the shot below shows it next to a BlackBerry Storm:
samsung touch Samsung ACME i8910   runs S60 touch

I personally think (hope, rather – think about LocaNotes) that the screen resolution will be the same 640×360 found on N97 and 5800 – Samsung has not shown too much interest in high-res S60 devices in the last years and probably won’t do so in the near future either.

Nevertheless, it’ll probably be announced at the MWC in Barcelona…and I’ll be there to keep you all in the loop!

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  2 Responses to “Samsung ACME i8910 – runs S60 touch”

  1. eaeeee bde plz

  2. I love samsung products for sure

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