Dec 102008

nthcode android n810 port Maemo 5 SDK releasedAs there are quite a few of you who are using an N810&are following TamsS60 (come on, speak up and leave a comment, folks), I thought that Nokia’s recent announcement of the SDK of Maemo 5 could be interesting to many of you.

The bad things come first – Nokia apparently is hell-bent on angering the few developers still supporting this “island OS”:

We expect an API break between Maemo 4 and Maemo 5, mainly due to the OMAP3 support, the hardware-based graphics acceleration and the changes in the Desktop UI and the Realtime Communication framework. The scope of the break will be clear by the time of the beta release. Maemopad is provided as an example application.

Maemo 5 comes today as an SDK only since it targets the OMAP3 architecture and no OMAP2 compatibility will be officially provided. The revamped UI relying on graphics acceleration and the new functionality built around the new supported hardware made it too complex to keep the compatibility between both architectures.

The new feature list is rather short and mainly focuses on new hardware support. A new GUI is also included in the final version: as it is not done yet, the SDK comes without it…

P.S. Android has just been ported -you can lean back and relax :) .

More can be found at

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