Dec 092008

0a Nokia E63 review   final verdictOur review of the Nokia E63 is coming to an end – we have now covered all important aspects of the phone. In case anyone of you missed a part, the full scoop is here:
Nokia E63 review – unboxing, first impressions
Nokia E63 review – size
Nokia E63 review – physical
Nokia E63 review – screen
Nokia E63 review – camera
Nokia E63 review – software

So far so good – but where does the E63 stand in the mobile phone landscape? If you ask me, its positioning is unclear – its physical properties are a significant step up from the E71, while its hardware features unfortunately lack GPS and HSDPA. If you can live with an external GPS mouse and without HSDPA data rates, the E63 is your dream machine.

Nokia has made a huge mistake with the build quality of the E71 (review coming over Christmas) – IMHO, the E63 should be the high-end and the E71 the low-end device.

But: the price of less than 200 Euros OTC makes this a highly attractive device for a variety of customers. If you think about buying it, do so – you will not regret your purchase!

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