Sep 242008

20 minutes worth of usage time outside of a lab setting is not nearly enough for creating a serious review of a mobile phone – analysts claiming to be able to do this IMHO are deceiving their customers. Thus, our coverage shouldn’t be considered the last word…should Nokia feel like providing us with a sample, a full review will be added to the parts below:
Nokia N96 – size
Nokia N96 – physical
Nokia N96 – camera shoot-out

In the meantime, however, I have to state that the N96 I handled left me extremely dissatisfied. The build quality is abysmal, and so is the camera.

People currently owning a Nokia N95 8GB should NOT upgrade: their current device is significantly better from a build quality perspective, and also makes better images.

The downward trend started by the N78 continues with the N96: if Nokia continues to peddle crappily built devices for insane prices (sorry, but this is how it is): the market-leading position will fall very soon (deservedly). Palm did something similar a few years ago and failed badly – Nokia now seems to head into the same direction (obsolete OS owned by manufacturer, drooping build quality)…

What do you think?

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