Mar 012008

The folks over at PocketGamer’s managed to score an interesting interview with Jaakko Kaidesoja, the boss of Nokia’s game department.

While most of the interview is related to Sony releasing some sort of phone addon for the PSP, he also made a few interesting statements about the future of N-Gage. First of all, he stated that he expected the N-Gage sisx file to be cracked(and that he hoped that it would happen…e.g. on my N71):

“We knew people would crack it,” says Kaidesoja. “Cracking a sisx file isn’t that hard, so of course we expected it. And it’s good to get feedback on the First Access application even from people with other handsets.”

As for handset support:

The N82 and both N95 handsets will be next in line for the commercial launch, but bad news N73 owners: you’re going to have to wait a while.

“We promised the N73 earlier, but we found some memory issues, as it has a lower memory spec than other devices,” says Kaidesoja. “That gives some headaches, but we’ll deal with that, and will release for the device during the second quarter.”

Last but not least, he also talked a bit about launch titles – visit the folks in order to find out more!

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