Feb 142008

The folks at Forum Nokia’s have just announced an update to their Carbide plug-in for Visual Studio. Version 3.0.1 is compatible with Visual Studio 2005 and adds the following new features:

  • Automatic project upgrade for projects that are created with Carbide.vs 2.0.x
  • Project upgrade function helps to download missing WINSCW SDKs
  • Edit/build/debug cycle without stopping/restarting emulator when only.cpp file are edited
  • Support for project build decencies in templates and VS projects
  • Resource, Icon and Help compilation in a similar way as.cpp compilation
  • Changes to resource, help and icon file are detected in incremental builds
  • .rss-,.miflist- and.cshlp-fill built when saved
  • New templates and improvments in the Fragement template view
  • Ability to group your templates and get a preview
  • Support for Symbian OS C++ snippets, some provided by Nokia
  • Requires an addition VSPowerToys tool from Microsoft
  • Tools to help package a finalized project for Symbian Signing
  • WSDL tool integrated with the product
  • Improved debugging experience
  • Filtered debug message view
  • RDebug functions output to debug window
  • Support for PRJ_EXPORTS in the bld.inf file

As always, Carbide.vs is a free download from Forum Nokia’s!

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  2 Responses to “Carbide.vs updated”

  1. The link does not work. 404.

  2. Hi,
    the product has since been discontinued – please ask on Forum Nokia if somebody still has an archived download…


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