Jul 252007

Users of desktop machines usually associate SSH(secure telnet) with an open-source client called PuTTY. The program is reliable, free, quite secure and fast. Recently, the PuTTY for Symbian project announced a port to Series 60 v3 – let’s see how it fares!

Connecting to SSH servers works in a “wizard-like” fashion. The program first asks you which server you wish to “bug”, then asks you about user name and password. A “cache” is available…but PuTTY doesn’t seem to save its settings from session to session…
0a SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review 0b SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review

Once connected to a server, PuTTY offers a variety of fonts and display options including fullscreen mode – here are a few examples:
1a SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review 1b SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review 1c SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review

Data is input via multitap(character table is supported) – however, T9 is not supported.
2a SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review

Special characters can be sent via the menu, pressing the “center” key of your phone acts as Return/Enter.
3a SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review

As for stability, the program works very well for me. However, it has one mayor nuisance…characters get sent to the server only after the multitap delay has passed. Pressing enter before that simply transmits the message as it is…without the last character. The image below should clarify what I mean:
4a SSH for Series 60 v3   the PuTTY review

This review looked at a pre-release version of Putty for Symbian on a Nokia N71. The prerelease version identifies itself as r298_20070715 and cannot be installed to a memory card(installer doesn’t offer this option). It has been archived on Tamoggemon.com for your convenience.

Overall, SSH for Series 60 V3 is here – Putty holds it’s promise. Of course, the product still has its quirkies and small nuisances – but it can connect to my SSH box and allows me to chat via IRC for a few minutes. Plus, the program is open-source….what more can you expect?

Thanks to Aquariusoft for letting me use their server as demo platform – their blog is here!

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